Formation Resources

National Formation Modules and Procedures

We are transitioning from the use of the term “Training” to the use of the term “Formation” to encompass all aspects of development in the Society.

The Formation Committee has developed formation modules for general use across Canada, to be used as new member orientation sessions or as updates for existing members.  The modules should be delivered by trainers in a group session,  or they can be viewed individually.  Always available as reference,   the Rule and Statutes of the Society, and the Operations Manual.

Vincentian Life (VLIF)
Leadership (LEAD)
Spirituality (SPIRIT)
Special Works, Promotion (SPWK)
Other (GEN)
    These Videos have been created to help SSVP members access their Office 365 accounts and the Teams app. The Teams application is the program we will use for videoconferencing and calls between members of the Society. If you would like to have an account, please contact the national national to request one.

Most modules are also available in PowerPoint, please communicate with the National Office to receive them by email: