Planned Donations

Create a legacy that lives on with the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.








Legacy Donations

Legacy donations are a lasting gesture that sows hope in the community for generations to come. 

 Wills aren’t just a legal way to distribute your personal assets, they can be a powerful tool for change in the world. Adding a charitable gift to your will is easier than you think. Get started using the handy tools available here or speak to your financial advisor. 

 We encourage you to inform the SSVP that your will contains a bequest in its favor so that we can convey our gratitude and thanks during your lifetime if you wish. 


Donation of publicly traded securities

Attractive tax advantages allow you to contribute to alleviating poverty and hunger, without affecting your cash flow. If you transfer securities that have acquired value to the SSVP, you will benefit from tax relief on the presumed capital gain.

In addition, the value of the donation on your donation receipt will correspond to the value of the securities on the date of transfer. This measure is valid for both businesses and individuals.

Your financial advisor will guide you to transfer shares to the SSVP using the form available here. 

Donation by life insurance

Donating through life insurance allows you to make a large donation by paying only a small portion of the amount. There are different ways to make a life insurance donation. 

  1. You remain the owner of the life insurance policy by designating the SSVP as beneficiary of your existing policy or by signing up for a new policy. A donation receipt for the capital amount will then be given to your estate.
  2. You assign an existing life insurance policy (or you assign a new policy) to the SSVP which becomes the beneficiary and owner of the life insurance policy. The SSVP will issue a donation receipt that will correspond to the market value of your existing policy. You will also receive an annual donation receipt for the premiums you continue to pay, if applicable. 

Other donation options

Planning a gift is a significant gesture for your assets. It is possible to plan the donation of other products such as: 

  • Donation in kind 
  • RRSP donation 
  • Donation of residual interest 
  • Donation of building 
  • Donation through charitable annuity 
  • Donation by a charitable trust 
  • Creation of an Endowment Fund etc. 

 We encourage you to consult a professional financial advisor you trust. 

You can also send your donation to  the following address:

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul
2463 Innes Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1B 3K3

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