Members Portal

The Portal is an online platform built for all members of the Society in Canada. It generates comprehensive online financial and statistics reports that automatically consolidate reports for councils. The data is secured, password-protected and stored on Canadian servers.

Why is the Portal important for the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul?

These reports help councils focus in areas of growth and development, special activities, education and support.

Accurate and complete information is important to support the Society’s foundational activities. The report will contribute data for the following:

  • Donor’s messaging
  • Communication to Canadians through public relations/media
  • Government grant requests
  • Request to the International Council General
  • Applications to foundations
  • Communication with church authorities, and all members of the Society.

How does the Members Portal benefit your conference or council?

  • Easy and efficient production of financial and statistics reports;
  • Easy and efficient management of membership;
  • Quick and easy information search;
  • Easy and efficient report generation (conferences, councils, members, leadership).

How do I get my conference or council started?

  • Assign one or two administrators per conference and council. Administrators can make changes, add members and complete reports.
  • The administrators contact their next higher council administrator to add them to the portal.

Comprehensive portal navigation guides are available for administrators.

Portal web link: