Donors and Partners

We would like to recognize the annual contributions of the following corporate, foundation and donors that have generously contributed in 2023.

$1,000 +

Ace D.
Agnes V.
Alberto P.
Andrew D.
Angela S.
Anne Louise M.
Bryan M.
Charlotte M.
Christopher E W.
Daniel B.
Gloria M.
Hélène C.
Herve L.
James D.
Jeevan A.
Joanne and Shawn K.
Joseph T.
Keith V.
Lorraine C.
Luc V.
Marcel and Josette K.
Maria C.
Marianne B.
Marie-Luce B.
Mary D.
Mary H.
Maureen F.
Philip R.
Rafael V.
Richard P.
Salvatore Suppa
Shirley Y.
Stephen F.
Estate of Theodore C.
William G.
Yerson P.

Business Club Orleans
FedEx World Headquarters
KarmaDharma Strategy + Marketing
Phoenix A.M.D. International Inc.
Les Soeurs de la visitation d’Ottawa

$2,500 +

Alejandro B.
Arthur L.
Catherine S.
Christine A.
Clément F.
Donald R.
Eric and Edith D.
Frank T.
Jose C.
Lil P.

Maple Bakery Inc.
Oasis Originals Inc

$5,000 +

Angela S.
Céline M.
Christina S.
Edna V.
Mary L.
Michelle M.
Patricia M.
Estate of Robert John R.
Tom and Shirley B.
Trevor and Jennifer A.

Alectra Inc.
Congregation of Our Lady Sion
Gift Funds Canada
Jo Ne D Investments LTD
Oakville Community Foundation
Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation
UPS Canada

Our donor’s bill of rights can be found in our Fundraising Guidelines.

Corporate Friends of the Society