The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul National Housing Committee focuses on helping Vincentians identify affordable housing needs in their community; explore solutions for these needs; create housing; and advocate on behalf of the people we serve to ensure their needs are addressed by our elected representatives at every level of government.

In 2019, Canada’s Parliament passed the National Housing Strategy Act. The Act recognizes housing as a human right, and commits organizations and governments to reform housing laws, policies and programs from a human rights perspective; and to involve communities in meaningful ways.

Vincentians have the opportunity to ensure this legislation comes to fruition. Together we can make Canada a country where every citizen has a place to call home.

Links below provide access to a diverse range of resources including our National Action Plan which was launched in 2021. We invite you to study the links and determine how your Conference and Council can move forward to play a role in creating more affordable housing in your neighbourhood. Please reach out to your committee anytime to discuss your challenges and opportunities in detail.

In addition, please join our growing committee! We warmly welcome new members!

Garth Brown

National Housing Committee
Society of Saint Vincent de Paul