National Council President Election

Hello everyone,

The electoral process set up to choose the person who will become President of the National Council of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is now closed.

I am pleased to announce that Linda Dollard was elected; she will assume her new role on October 1, 2023. Thanks to the two candidates, Linda Dollard and Pascal LaRouche, for participating to this democratic process and to the Vincentians who took the time to voice their opinion.

Jean-Noël Cormier 
Chairman of the Election Committee



The format, timelines and candidate eligibility considerations are as follows and taken from the Canadian Statutes and Rule of the Society in Canada (2.3.4).

Only members of Aggregated Conferences and Instituted Councils are eligible as candidates or nominators.

The Role and Responsibilities of the National President can be found in Section 2.5 and 2.5.1 of the Canadian Statutes and Rule.

The term of office for a National Council President is 4 years, with the possibility of a 2-year renewal (Canadian Statutes and Rule Section 2.3).



This is a generic form to be filled out by candidates and nominators for the election of a president of a conference or council. The required number of nominators for each nomination increases with the level of responsibilities and the geographic area of a jurisdiction. All nominators shall be full members of the Society within the jurisdiction for which an election is held. Only members of aggregated conferences and instituted councils are eligible as candidates or nominators.

The number of nominators is as follows:

National council: 5 nominators


Candidates for the election for president, at all levels, shall meet a number of requirements and should possess certain desirable qualities and skills.

1.2.1  Requirements

A candidate must be:

• a full member of the Society;

• a practicing Catholic;

• a volunteer, which means that he or she does not hold any paid position within the Society, including a position in any of the special works.

1.2.2 Desirable qualities and skills

Each section of the Canadian Statutes dealing with the duties of the president at the different levels provides guidance concerning the basic qualities and skills required for a member to assume the responsibilities of a president. Qualities

A candidate must have:

·         a deep attachment to the Canadian Rule and Statutes and spirituality of the Society;

·         great dedication to the spiritual and temporal welfare of persons in need;

·         experience in the service of persons in need, particu­larly in relation to home visits;

·         a personal interest in social issues;

·         the ability to lead by consensus whenever possible;

·         good communication and listening skills;

·         sound judgement. Other Skills

The candidate should also possess:

·      knowledge and appreciation of financial matters, such as budgeting;

·      experience in organizing and chairing meetings and committees;

·      experience in fundraising.


A working knowledge of both official languages would be an asset.

The appropriately completed Nomination Form shall be emailed to or mailed to the Election Committee – National Council of Canada Office, 2463 Innes Road, Ottawa, ON, K1B 3K3, and received no later than April 15, 2023.