Annual Reports

The Annual Report document is designed to provide a consistent reporting format that will accomplish three things:

  • provide a template that will lend itself to assisting the members of the National Council of Canada to speak with some authority and knowledge regarding the activities of all conferences and councils in Canada;
  • provide a template for conferences and councils to measure the scope of service according to the Rule and Canadian statutes; 
  • enable a comprehensive annual report to be prepared for the International Council General. 

Great news! Members can now access the new online annual reports and the Members Portal!

All 2022 annual reports should be entered online through the Members Portal by an administrator.

To access the reports, each conference and council must assign a member to be an administrator.  Administrators will then complete the online form to request an account to access the Members Portal.

Request an account here:

The Members Portal is an online National Membership Database with restricted access that requires a login for access, it is located at:


REPORTS 2022 –  For reference only

All 2022 annual reports should be entered online through the Members Portal by an administrator.

The report has been designed into the THREE parts listed below (three Excel documents). Excel documents are in the same format, please download each document. Upon opening, follow instructions in the white INTRO tab.

9.3 Sections A-B (Statistics – conferences and councils)     (updated: 2022-08-29)
9.3 Sections C-D (Statistics – councils only)    (updated: 2022-08-29)

9.3 Section E (Finance – conferences and councils)    (updated: 2022-08-29)

  • Supplementary document:
    This supplementary document has been created to assist with the revenue portion of filling the  annual financial report. SSVP financial report follows the Canada Revenue Agency Form T3010.
Please forward your report to your next higher council

SECTION A-B1 and E1  —>  Before January 30th

Particular councils:

SECTION A-B2, C-D1 and E2 (Consolidated Reports)  —>  Before February 20th

Central councils:

SECTION A-B2, C-D2 and E2 (Consolidated Reports) —>  Before March 10th

Regional councils:

SECTION A-B2, C-D2 and E2 (Consolidated Reports) —>  Before March 31th

The information gathered is important for the National Council’s report to several areas that include, 

(a) to the federal government, 
(b) to the International Council General,
(c) the public,
(d) donors,
(e) church authorities as information, and
(e) to all members of the Society.

No longer can we seem to be nebulous in our responses. It is imperative to be knowledgeable at all level of the Society of who is doing what. As well, these annual reports will assist the Canadian National Council to focus in areas of growth and development, special activities, education, and support.

Regional reports are due to the National Office in Ottawa by March 31th of the following year.