Spiritual Reflection – December

The Rich Content of the Advent Season

A young man has become truly acquainted with his girlfriend and decides to propose marriage. Obviously he will not give her a diamond in a little bag but rather properly mounted on a ring. Christmas is the diamond and the Advent season is the setting.

However, the season has another dimension. The four weeks of Advent can stand for the four stages of human life:

  • Childhood and adolescence
  • Young adulthood
  • Mature adulthood
  • The elderly stage

Why not reflect on the following during each of the weeks; Those of you who are in the elderly stage can meditate during all four weeks. The points of reflection are:

  • All that one should be thankful for
  • Areas where forgiveness and reconciliation are called for
  • Matters that still must be done

What I am suggesting in no way replaces the tradition of the Advent Wreath, that is such an important means of establishing family prayer.

The conscious examination that I have suggested can be wonderfully enhanced by using the Advent period to receive the grace of the sacrament of reconciliation

Indeed, the best way to celebrate Christmas is to be in an A-1 condition of deep friendship with the Lord Jesus, such is what a true Vincentian Christmas is all about.

Msgr. Peter Schonenbach, Spiritual Advisor
National Council of Canada