New edition of the online magazine Ozanam Network

The issue 2/2019 of the online magazine “Ozanam Network” is available from today in four languages. The magazine is published by the Communication International Department of the International General Council.

One of the highlights of this edition is the leading article, written by our fellow member Renato Lima de Oliveira, 16th President General, which deals with the first three years of his term of office. Among other issues, there is a very interesting article about the Conferences of the members of the International Board. The magazine also publishes a summary of the 180th anniversary of the General Council (with photos of the former General Presidents) and a complete biography of the founder Paul Lamache.

Other sections include: An overview of the international plenary session held in Porto (Portugal), last June. A summary of the last trips of the President General not only to the United Nations, but also to other countries. An article of spirituality on the causes of poverty, written by Father Andrés Motto CM (spiritual director of the General Council). A text about the importance of the Vincentian training written by our sister Marisa Téllez (Vice-president for Training and Formation). And also news of the SSVP around the world, especially from Canada, Mexico, Nepal, Argentina, Italy, United States and Jerusalem.

Finally, there is a very interesting interview with our fellow member Claudia Pereira, from Brazil, author of a beautiful painting of the founder Felix Clavé.

“We want to thank all those who have sent news to our magazine. We also express our sincere gratitude to the Vincentian volunteers who are part of the Club of Translators and help us with the translations and revisions. Our magazine is the result of the collective effort of a team committed to updating the communication within the General Council, with transparency and with the aim of providing more and better information”, stated Carlos Lafarga, in charge of it.

“I am very pleased with this issue, which brings a lot of relevant information on programmes, projects and ongoing initiatives of the General Council. I would like that all the Vincentians all over the world could read, discuss and spread our magazine! The more informed the Vincentian is, the better will be his work for those who suffer”, stressed our President General.

We ask all the Superior Councils to collaborate with the General Council in the circulation of this magazine along with the Conferences, Special Works and local Councils in each Vincentian territory.

Click here to read the issue nº 2/2019 of the online magazine “Ozanam Network”.