Vincentian Social Justice Webinar

Join work from the Advocacy Circle

To assist in the mission of charity, it is important to focus on the root causes forcing people to be in a situation of poverty.

Region: National

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The Rule plainly states that it is our Vincentian responsibility to identify the root causes of poverty and to contribute to their elimination. In order to bring about a more equitable society, it is important that we educate our local communities about the poverty in their midst and to suggest meaningful and practical ways of alleviating the suffering it causes.

To help us undertake this important aspect of our mission of charity, the Advocacy Circle, representing Vincentian social justice representatives from across Canada, is inviting all Vincentians to participate in an informative Webinar on Vincentian Social Justice. This will take place on Saturday September 10. Participants will gain a better understanding of what the Church’s ‘preferential option for the poor’ actually means. In addition, we will offer suggestions as to how we might engage our fellow Vincentians, friends, parishioners and decision makers in the task of eliminating the poverty we bear witness to as Vincentians.

Please join us for this opportunity to learn and engage with your fellow Vincentians.