Western Regional Council

Western Regional Council
(Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories and Nunavut)
Email: pres.wrc@ssvp.ca
Vincentian volunteers in the Western Region Council (WRC) communicate using teleconferencing and websites to share best practices and to introduce our mission to others.

Calgary & Edmonton activities are outlined in 2 websites below & also in our conferences affiliated church websites.

The mission & goal, of SSVP in Western Region is based on our 4 core values;

1. See Christ in anyone who suffers.

  • We help all immediately.  Our friends in need may contact us @
  • Edmonton telephone 780-471-5577 or online at www.ssvpedmonton.ca.
  • Calgary telephone 403-250-0319 or online at www.ssvpcalgary.ca.
  • Telephone contact is also available in Winnipeg, Regina & Yellowknife.
  • First Nations Community Assistance in Alberta and Manitoba is a priority. A number of programs do provide assistance while more are planned.
  • Canadian Arctic communities (10) are helped in the North of 60 Project.

2. Come together as family.

We share best practices in bimonthly conference meetings.

The Spring WRC AGM was held in Red Deer on May 12th, 2018.
The National AGA was held in St. John’s, Newfoundland, June 20th – 24th, 2018.

Members also participate in an annual silent retreat & in other social gatherings.

3. Have personal contact with the poor.

We strive to help by meeting face to face with those requesting assistance.  Our goal is to help with all our heart and to reduce paperwork.  Vincentians always make home visits in pairs.

Conferences in Edmonton and Calgary deliver food from SSVP food banks and pantries that are located in affiliated churches.

The Edmonton Distribution Centre (EDC) is located in the city centre and is open weekdays from 10:00 AM to noon.  The EDC is a source of food and clothing.  Some conferences also pickup and deliver gently used furniture.

Calgary Vincentians work with community resource groups such as Bowwest & Aspen.  Horizon Housing has 10 apartment units dedicated to SSVP friends in need.  Furniture is available online through helpingothers@shaw.ca.

4. Help in all possible ways.

Vincentians are a source of last resort assistance for our friends in need.

Much of our Vincentian effort in support of the Inuit, Inuvialuit and First Nations Communities is made possibly by the donations of parishioners in our conference affiliated churches.  Corporate donations of transportation, food product and other items are also of great help.

Vincentians are active in addressing the need for reconciliation with the Canadian indigenous peoples.

New conference formation continues in Alberta and Manitoba.  Saskatchewan is a goal for future expansion.

Vincentians innovations improve our support to those in need:

  • A new database has been developed and shared with conferences in the Western Region and across Canada.
  • A strong Western Regional Social Justice Committee (SJC) has been formed and, in harmony with the National SJC, has made submissions to Federal, Provincial and Territorial Governments.
  • Vincentian collaboration with private sponsored Syrian Refugee Committees in the Catholic Community, and with several other Faith Groups, provides food, furniture and household items to help settle new Canadians.
  • The North of 60 project is a strong motivator for increased youth involvement.

AFX (Tony) Barry, President

Western Regional Council



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