The Easter Season

In this year 2017, a most special period of time begins on April 16 and finishes on June 4. The first date is Easter and the second is Pentecost. That period of fifty days is the time the Church takes to properly celebrate the prime importance of the Resurrected Christ.

An evident sign of the period is the symbolism extant in our parish churches; the vestments remain white or gold during the entire Easter Season

A proper reaction to the above is to ask ourselves what we can do in our private lives to somehow make the Easter Season a special religious time. Her are a few suggestions:

  • If you have young children at home, why not use this period to introduce daily family prayer.
  • If you like reading, use the time to read a good religious oriented book.
  • If you like to cook, make each of the Sundays of the period festive with a new recipe.
  • If it is easier for you to be in touch with God outside, use the period for a few worthwhile outings.
  • Read the Acts of the Apostles from beginning to end.

In short, the Easter Season is meant to help us bring our Faith into the reality of every day life, so that our discipleship will not be a holy picture word but a true description of who we are.

Msgr Peter Schonenbach
National Spiritual Advisor