Seeds of Hope Project

SmartSaver & the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul



The Canada Learning Bond (CLB) provides up to $2,000 in Free money for post-secondary education for children born after January 2004 whose families receive the National Child Benefit Supplement. No parental contributions are needed.

The Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) offers a further matching grant for contributions into an RESP and, depending on income levels, can reach up to a 40% grant.

Nationally, only 1 in 3 eligible children have received these funds, due primarily to low awareness. The take up rate for families the Society serves is drastically lower due to barriers to access.

Recruit a Seeds of Hope Champion!

A critical success factor in helping the children get access to these funds is to encourage 1 person per conference to step forward to lead the project. Many of the families we serve struggle with complex and cascading challenges, so it takes an informed and engaged volunteer to ‘walk alongside’ them to encourage and support them to take the steps to get access.

Armed with the Seeds of Hope Project Manual, volunteers using the  Online application can deliver hope for a brighter future.


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