Honoured Vincentian

Congratulations to Jean-Noël Cormier who received the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers. Passion, dedication and a commitment to community are the driving forces behind the volunteers who receive this medal. The medal recognizes the exceptional volunteer achievements of Canadians from across the country in a wide range of fields and pays tribute to the dedication and commitment of volunteers. They embody the caring country we aspire to build. A Vincentian since 2000, Jean-Noel is dedicated to helping the less fortunate in Canada and abroad. He was a driving force behind the Society’s North of 60 initiative, supporting a people-driven, equitable and evolving North. Jean-Noël was President of the St-Joseph d’Orléans Conference, President of the Central Council of Ottawa and President of the National Council of Canada from 2013 to 2019. Jean-Noël is actually on the Board of Directors of SSVP Council General International, as President of the Concordat. He is also the SSVP training coordinator for America 1 (Canada, USA and English speaking Caribbean countries).