Call for Webinar Topics and Presenters-

Formation and information sharing is very important for the work for all Vincentians.    Unfortunately we had to cancel the Annual National Formation (ANF) in Calgary in 2020, and because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be having an in-person meeting this year.  However, this must not prevent us from continuing to learn; and we must leverage the technologies we have.  This is an opportunity as well to reach more Vincentians from across the country.

In January the National Formation Committee started a series of webinars that are being well received with some very good feedback.  The Committee is soliciting topics and presenters to create and deliver these webinars.  The target length of the webinars is 75 minutes,  with 40 to 50 minutes of material presented followed by a Question & Answer period.  This is a similar concept to the workshops at the Annual National Formation.

The content to be delivered would need to be related to the following areas:

  • Innovative ways of serving the poor and vulnerable in our communities, including new ways to build relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic (includes home visits)
  • Leadership development within the Society
  • Spirituality at the core of our work
  • Fundraising strategies to build essential resources
  • Social Justice, equity and diversity
  • Special Works as a key component of outreach
  • Challenges of a changing SSVP and a changing population that we serve (culture within and without)

The online submission form is available “here

Deborah Joyce
National Formation Committee Chair