The 2020 Annual Report forms are now available on the National Council website :  https://ssvp.ca/members/publications/annual-reports-national-council/

The report has been designed into the THREE parts listed below.

  • 9.3 Sections A-B (Statistics – conferences and councils) 
  • 9.3 Sections C-D (Statistics – councils only) 
  • 9.3 Section E (Finance – conferences and councils) 
    • Supplementary document: The supplementary document has been created to assist with the revenue portion of filling the  annual financial report. SSVP financial report follows the Canada Revenue Agency Form T3010.

Please forward your report to your next higher council:

Conferences:  SECTION A-B1 and E1 —>  Before January 30th
Particular councils:  SECTION A-B2, C-D1 and E2 (Consolidated Report)  —>  Before February 20th
Central councils:   SECTION A-B2, C-D2 and E2 (Consolidated Reports)—>  Before March 10th
Regional councils:   SECTION A-B2, C-D2 and E2 (Consolidated Reports) —>  Before March 31st