Twinning – Method of Payment

To all twinned conferences and councils,

Please always include a Transmission of Funds form when sending your check to the National Council office. Please use the latest version of the form. This allows us to photocopy your check at the bottom of the form, thus saving time and paper. Make sure your treasurer is aware that he/she must attach this form to the check. Several checks still arrive without a Transmission of Funds form.

Transmission form for twinning funds available here:

The best method is to pay by credit card, via our website. This payment method is fast, secure and facilitates the management of twinning funds. As the Society is increasingly using the electronic method for payment/transfers, etc., we recommend that each conference and council that is doing twinning obtain a credit card from its banking institution, if this is not already the case.

We are now getting ready to send funds to all our twin countries (except El Salvador). You will receive a notification as soon as the funds are transferred. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, the distribution in the twinned countries may be slower.

Thank you for your collaboration,

Nicole Schryburt, Administrative Assistant – twinning
National Council of Canada