Spiritual Reflection – May 2020

Hope and Faith

Now more than ever, our personal faith is the lifeline that carries us from day to day. This time in history brings us to cling to the teachings of Christ and, as Vincentians, to the actions of Frédéric Ozanam.

Faith, Hope and Charity are the guiding principles of our catholic faith. Sometimes I have doubts, sometimes I question. This morning I am thankful for the teaching of Christ. This period of aloneness has brought me closer to my catholic roots. My prayer life has increased and taken on a deeper meaning for me.

What about our attitude toward others?

We say that we love our brothers and sisters in Christ, but do our actions show this?

Is there not a “us and them” that runs very quietly in our minds when we deal with our brothers and sisters in SSVP?

I believe we are in a time when there is a strong opportunity for spiritual renewal in our actions as Vincentians. We have an opportunity to build a bridge of hope with our needy, but we must use prayer as our bridge pillars. We can explore a whole new relationship with one another and with the people we help.

Please take time to pray, not just words but actions that will shout to the world “I love God and I love you”.

Parnell Kelly, National Spirituality Committee
Atlantic Regional Council