Spiritual Reflection – May 2019

Lean on Me

Our daily lives are influenced by many things, some are works of the evil one but always there is open arms of God to help us push the evil one away. In our works of charity we usually feel that we are doing the proper thing. We are doing the work of Christ. But are we? Do we look at the people we serve as brothers and sisters in Christ or do deep down have feeling of distrust and the idea that we are being used.

Think about it, do we pray for an open mind and a forgiving heart? We cannot be good Vincentians without a good prayer life. In our monthly meetings are we spending our time in prayer and reflection or using our time to discuss money and people. As Vincentians we need the help of prayer and self-examination to bring out the love of our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Our faith is a gift from God, do not waste it, and do not take it for granted. Please love others as Jesus loves us.

May God Bless you all.

Parnell Kelly, member
National spirituality committee