Spiritual Reflection – Easter 2018

The Ever-Newness of Easter

To appreciate the full import of Easter, one must make the great effort of imagination to put oneself in the shoes of the apostles. The fact of the Lord’s resurrection is so monumental that it defies normal life happenings. It is the defining point of the Christian Event. It holds together the paradox of Jesus, true man and true God

Indeed, it is precisely the sign of true Divinity that turned the very ordinary people, known as disciples, into the vibrant missionaries who brought about, in relatively short order, the early Church.

Every year, as we celebrate the rich liturgy of the Holy Week, we have the opportunity to renew our appreciation of the world-shaking event of the Risen Lord. Its light shines ever more brightly upon our secular world. We should be proud and grateful for the gift of Faith

May Easter 2018 be special for all of us. May its power convince us to become better people, men and women who can be, in their every day lives, the living embodiment of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

As Vincentians, let us resolve to make all that we do radiate with renewed love for all who need our help and assistance. Let us consciously make the link between our actions and the wonder of the very first Easter. In this way, our Vincentian path becomes truly the royal highway of the Lord.

Msgr Peter Schonenbach, Spiritual Advisor
National Council