Spiritual Reflection – Christmas 2017

The Role of Christmas in 2017

At the beginning of November, I received in the mail four very different catalogues dedicated to Christmas decorations and gifts. Without doubt, Christmas is a great occasion for commerce. By no means is this all bad; indeed, there are many redeeming factors involved. The major idea is that gift-giving forces people to think beyond themselves.

One great teaching of the Lord is that we have been given life so that we may help God bring goodness, kindness, justice and generosity into the world.  Christmas is a good time to ask ourselves if indeed our life is based on the teaching: Love God and love your neighbour as you love yourself. Making good personal resolutions is indeed the best Christmas gift that you can give yourself.

At Christmas, many Vincentians are involved in bringing Christmas boxes to the needy. May this be done with great joy and understanding. The material gift is important but the human inter-change with people is probably more important.

May the Vincentian environment that you generate be filled with the healing light of Christ, both for those in need and for yourself.

Msgr Peter Schonenbach, Spiritual Advisor
National Council of Canada