New payment method for twinning

To all twinning conferences and councils,

In addition to online credit card payment and payment by cheque, you can now send funds by direct withdrawal from your bank account. Both online payment methods can be made using the transmission form on our website:

As the Society is becoming increasingly electronic, we recommend that every conference and council involved in a twinning relationship use online payments. These payment methods are fast, secure and facilitate the management of twinning funds.

We do accept cheques. Please include a transmittal form when you send your cheque to the National Council office. Make sure your treasurer is aware that he or she must include this form with the cheque. Many cheques still arrive without a transmittal form.

You can find the printable transmittal form here:


For any communications problem with your twinning partner, please contact Clermont Fortin:

For any other information regarding transfers, please contact Nicole Schryburt:

You are invited to join our Facebook page “SSVP-Canada”:

Nicole Schryburt, Administrative Assistant, Twinning
National Council of Canada