Twinning aims to help Vincentian sisters and brothers in developing countries to achieve their mission of charity and social justice.

It is the main “Special Work” of international fraternal assistance of the Society. Its purpose is to work in solidarity with the most disadvantaged in the world through spiritual sharing, friendship and financial assistance. Twinning opens a window on suffering and destitute humanity in countries under the responsibility of SSVP Canada. The deepening of bonds and material assistance arouse compassion and joy in serving the most unfortunate.

Members of the Society of Saint Vincent de Pau, please follow this link to access all the twinning resources:  Twinning Resources


The Society in Canada is constantly seeking to increase the number of twinnings in order to extend its assistance to designated countries. Canada’s conferences and councils are currently engaged in 170 partnerships; contributions to the 21 beneficiary countries amounted to $208,505 for the year 2020-21 (April 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021).

Partner countries: Antigua and Barbuda, Colombia, Dominica, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Cayman Islands, Saint Kitts Island, British Virgin Islands, India, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Peru, Dominican Republic, Saint Lucia, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Ukraine and Zambia.


The projects carried out and underway are aimed at improving the living conditions of communities and enabling them to take charge of their lives.

Eight projects in four countries in 2020-2021:

  • Haiti: Financial contribution to a canteen at a primary school;
  • Nicaragua: construction of latrines;
  • Colombia: support for a community day care center;
  • Peru: Three projects: support for schoolchildren; aid to street food program for the poor; community garden.
  • Total contributions: $18,325.00 (2020-2021)

Program Promotion

The promotional activities of the program are constant, thanks to the involvement of the regional coordinators, our Facebook page and newsletters to conferences and councils. In addition to twinning partnerships, support for small projects ($3,000 – $10,000) is encouraged to enable families to get out of extreme poverty and improve their living conditions. We continue to develop this aspect of international solidarity. As well, twinning partners from Canada sent additional contributions to their Vincentian friends abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic that hit developing countries hard in 2020.

Clermont Fortin, Chair National Twinning

Regional Twinning Reps

Donna Thompson, B.C. & Yukon Regional Council
Cathy Pidhirney, Western Regional Council
Guido Kelly, Ontario Regional Council
Claude Roy, Conseil régional du Québec
Judy Peddle, Atlantic Regional Council


“Looking back – and looking forward; twinning profoundly changed me. I am keenly aware of the difference between Canadian relative poverty and overseas absolute poverty. Both are a blight on Christianity…we who have been given so much must be willing to ease our planet-mates’ pain.“

Heidi Minuti, SSVP Huronia, Ontario

Mrs. Minuti is the twinning rep for several councils, twinned with Sri Lanka, Ukraine and Peru.

Conferences use twinning contributions to subsidize their programmes for the needy of their communities. For example, Our Lady of Fair Haven Conference runs a feeding programme for the homeless on the streets of Roseau; they give monthly financial help to those marginalized and assist with medical care. St. Patrick’s Conference has a feeding programme for the needy elderly homebound in their community. This conference has been actively involved in helping some of the victims of that devastating “Hurricane Maria” of 2017

Annual Report 2018, Commonwealth of Dominica SSVP

“We are happy to tell you that the beneficiaries of the project are very happy with the benefits received. We want to tell you that it is an honour to work with the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in projects that are changing the living conditions of the inhabitants of different communities.”

Maria Araica, Project Manager, Nicaragua