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Our national committee consists of the following members: Chair, Jim Paddon; National Council, Jean Noel Cormier, (ex-officio); Spiritual Advisor, Msgr Peter Schonenbach; Atlantic Region, Parnell Kelly; Quebec Region, Pierre Morissette; Ontario Region, Corry Wink; Western Region, Heather Schilling; BC/Yukon Region, Gord Stuart.

2015 was a year of change and renewal within our social justice committee. Claude Bedard has stepped down as national chair and we have new representatives in the Atlantic, Ontario, Western and BC/Yukon regions. I am honoured to be appointed as national chair and thank Claude Bedard for his support, as well as our previous committee members, Chris Ryan and Chris Gillen.

While there are many issues that need to be addressed under the heading of social justice, the one major area that we must address first is to educate fellow Vincentians about social justice and to develop informational materials which can help all of our social justice reps across Canada to be more informed and effective in their roles at the Council and Conference levels of the Society.

I strongly urge every Region, Council and even Conference to appoint a social justice rep. or committee to be the local contact as we work to enhance our network of social justice. It is also critical that we provide all of our members with both the proper education about social justice and to also create a structure that allows their input and comments on issues which need to be addressed.

Changing Times: Is our national social justice online newsletter. You can subscribe to future editions by emailing me at It will also be on our national website.

I encourage all Vincentians to support our efforts in your Region, Council or Conference. Our ability to make a difference in the lives of those we serve is based on the trusting relationship and understanding we have with our fellow citizens who are living poverty in Canada. We can give them HOPE for a better future for their families. Please join us in this new direction.

Jim Paddon, Chair, Social Justice Committee

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