Quebec Regional Council

Quebec Regional Council
3956 Place Jeanne D'Arc
Montréal QC H1W 1X1
(514) 525-0232


Activities in Quebec are the usual ones:

• Christmas hampers, approximately 15,000 hampers were distributed during the month of December 2015;
• Opération Bonne Mine, approximately $300,000 was distributed to young students;
• More than 100,000 home visits were made to families in 2015, and about 5 million dollars was provided in material or money assistance (namely food vouchers).
• Ten of thousands of dollars (about $100,000) were granted for particular needs such as payment of rent, heating, medications, etc.
• Finally, close to 100 stores (small and large) managed by the SSVP sold supplies for a total amount of almost 10 million dollars.

The Quebec Region has approximately 2,500 active members and as many supporting members (regular and occasional). The members of the Quebec Regional Council met three (3) times in 2015, and a provincial assembly was held in October 2015, hosting more than 100 members for two (2) days of deliberations and formation. Some members of the National Council of Canada attended the assembly. We thank them for being there, and a very good presentation was made on international twinning.

To conclude I thank Michel Olivier and Claude Roy for their support and their commitment as Vice- President and Treasurer of the Quebec Regional Council, respectively. As well, I thank our two employees, Diane Dorion and Lise Blais, and all the members of the Quebec Regional Council Board for their support and commitment towards the SSVP. I thank all the members of the National Council of Canada for your support in my task, and for your Vincentian friendship.

Finally, I wish to inform you that Michel Olivier was appointed as our new President. I wish to congratulate him and assure him of everyone’s full support, and I thank him for accepting this new mandate. Well done, and thank you Michel.

Pierre Morissette, President, Quebec Regional Council