Message from the National Council's President

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The past year has been a hectic one for most Vincentians across the country. The rather unstable economy and the arrival of more than 25,000 refugees have boosted assistance requests in an alarming way. Fortunately, the Canadian population has been very generous, allowing us to respond to all those requests positively.
Once again this year, our North of 60 project, which helps people who live in the Canadian Great North, has benefitted from an increase in contributions. Not only were we able to send more foodstuffs, but we also increased the number of locations where we sent assistance.

As Vincentians, we must bring assistance to those people forgotten by everyone. We were able to do much in very little time, thanks to our devoted members, but there is still much to be done. Sending food and supplies to those northern regions is a complicated and costly endeavour. We must find carriers willing to transport the supplies without charge. With your prayers, I am certain that our friend Frederic will help us find those people. If you wish to participate in the project, we invite you to contact the National office by email at

As for external twinning, that is assistance to less fortunate countries, the number of Conferences and Councils twinning with a Conference or Council in another country has increased substantially. We can be proud of 

such a success.

As you know, world hunger is far from being eradicated, and every gesture counts. The more Conferences will be twinning, the more people will have food to eat. If we continue along that path, in very little tim

e the majority of our Conferences will be twinning, thus allowing more Vincentians to participate in a brotherly sharing with Vincentians all over the world.

Also, you have been very generous in helping Christians in Iraq and in Syria, as well as earthquake victims in Nepal. Major sums of money were collected and sent to the Council General International, who manages assistance projects following disasters. We thank you for your generosity towards the people who are going through great difficulties.

As a whole, the year was very busy, but you were able to meet the many challenges and continue serving people in need, with love, respect, justice and joy.


Thank you to everyone and may God bless you.

Jean-Noël Cormier, National President